In Providion’s safe hands, one call sorts it all

helping hand

A helping hand whenever you need it

Friendly, professional and happy to help, our specialist engineers are standing by to sort your mass spec problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Send us your details in the box above or call our Tech Support Centre on 0845 130 2055 and you’ll get expert help within minutes.

instant fix

We fix 65% of customer problems instantly by phone

No matter what your mass spec issue, one Providion call resolves it all. For most problems, our specialist engineers will talk you through a solution on the spot. For the remaining few, we’ll arrange fast, reliable help that puts your instrument and workflow back on track in the shortest possible time.

helping hand

Great tech support cuts your costs

Whether we fix your faults by phone or with a prompt engineer visit, Providion’s speedy and specialist efficiency cuts your costs and feeds your profit line. We’ll deliver the expert help you want and need, and if that means a cost-free solution then that’s fine by us.

The engineers provide consistently high levels of service and are always happy to talk through solutions over the phone in between preventative maintenance visits, which is of great value to us as customers. - Ian Davies